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The name Riley is of Irish origin and has multiple meanings depending on its usage as a boy's or girl's name. As a boy's name, Riley is derived from the Irish surname O'Reilly, which means "descendant of Raghailleach." The name Raghailleach is believed to be a Gaelic personal name derived from the word "raghallach," meaning "valiant" or "courageous." Therefore, the name Riley carries the connotation of bravery and strength.

Additionally, Riley can also have other meanings depending on its usage as a girl's name or as a unisex name. As a girl's name, Riley is sometimes associated with the Irish surname O'Raghallaigh, which means "descendant of Ragheallach." This name is also derived from the Gaelic word "raghallach" and carries similar meanings of courage and valor. As a unisex name, Riley can also be interpreted as "the valiant" or "the courageous one," encompassing the qualities of bravery and fearlessness.

Overall, the name Riley holds the meaning of bravery and strength, signifying a person who is courageous and valiant, regardless of their gender.

Origin: Irish



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Overall UK ranking: 70 out of 4789

817 recorded births last year

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  • England (70)
  • Wales (81)
  • Scotland (96)

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