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Name Popularity: 87%

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The name Rafi is of Hebrew origin and has several meanings. One interpretation is that it comes from the Hebrew word "rafa" which means "healer" or "to heal." This suggests that individuals with the name Rafi have a nurturing and caring nature, often seeking to help and bring comfort to others.

Another meaning of the name Rafi is "exalted" or "honored" in Arabic. This signifies that those with the name are seen as respected and esteemed individuals, often possessing strong leadership qualities and a sense of dignity.

Rafi is also a common given name in South Asia, particularly in India and Pakistan, where it is believed to mean "noble" or "honorable" in Arabic. This suggests that individuals with the name Rafi are often regarded as having noble and virtuous characteristics.

Overall, the name Rafi carries connotations of healing, honor, nobility, and respect. It represents individuals who possess qualities of compassion, leadership, and integrity, making it a meaningful and significant name for boys.

Origin: Hebrew

Form of Raphael. God has healed.

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Overall UK ranking: 618 out of 4789

60 recorded births last year

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