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The name Patsy is generally considered a diminutive form of the name Patricia. Patricia is derived from the Latin word "patricius," which means "noble" or "patrician." The name Patsy, therefore, can be interpreted as having a similar meaning, signifying someone who is noble or has noble qualities.

In addition to its meaning, the name Patsy also carries connotations of warmth, friendliness, and a cheerful disposition. It is often associated with individuals who are sociable, kind-hearted, and have a positive outlook on life. Patsy may also suggest someone who is caring, compassionate, and supportive, as it is a name commonly given to people who are seen as reliable and helpful.

Overall, the name Patsy combines a sense of nobility with a warm and friendly personality. It exudes qualities of kindness, sociability, and compassion, making it an endearing choice for parents looking for a name that reflects these characteristics in their daughter.

Origin: Latin

Diminutive of Patricia: Noble. St. Patricia was a 7th century patron saint of Naples.


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