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The name Oscar is of Old English and Old Norse origin. It has two possible sources and meanings:

* Old English Origin: One interpretation suggests that Oscar may have originated from the Old English elements "os," meaning "god," and "gar," meaning "spear." In this context, the name Oscar can be interpreted to mean "god's spear" or "divine spear."

* Old Norse Origin: Another possibility is that Oscar comes from the Old Norse name Ásgeirr, where "ás" means "god" and "geirr" means "spear." This would also give Oscar the meaning of "god's spear."

Oscar has been used as a personal name in Ireland and among the Scandinavian peoples. It gained popularity in English-speaking countries and has been borne by various historical figures, including kings and writers. Today, Oscar is a well-liked and timeless name with a strong and classic appeal.

Origin: Scandinavian

Divine strength.


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Overall UK ranking: 8 out of 4789

3071 recorded births last year

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