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The name Moshe is of Hebrew origin and holds significant cultural and historical significance. In Hebrew, the name Moshe (מֹשֶׁה) means "drawn out" or "taken out", derived from the Hebrew verb "mashah." The name became prominent due to its association with the biblical figure Moses, one of the most important figures in Judaism and Christianity.

Moses was a prophet, leader, and lawgiver in the Hebrew Bible, who led the Israelites out of slavery in Egypt and received the Ten Commandments from God on Mount Sinai. As such, the name Moshe carries a great deal of religious and symbolic weight within Jewish tradition. It represents bravery, leadership, and the ability to guide others towards freedom and righteousness.

In modern times, the name Moshe has retained its significance and is a popular choice among Jewish families. It serves as a reminder of the biblical Moses and his contributions to the faith, as well as a way to honor Jewish heritage and traditions.

Origin: Hebrew

Form of Moses. Drawn out of the water.

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