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Name Popularity: 98%

Miles name meaning:

The name Miles is of Latin origin and has several interpretations. One possible meaning is "soldier" or "warrior," derived from the Latin word "miles." This implies strength, bravery, and a determined nature. It can also be associated with the idea of protection and defense. Another potential meaning of the name Miles is "merciful" or "gracious." In this context, it suggests a kind and compassionate personality.

The name Miles has a timeless quality to it and has been in use for centuries. It has a strong and masculine sound, which adds to its appeal. People named Miles are often seen as dependable, loyal, and courageous. They are known for their ability to take charge and handle challenging situations with grace and resilience. Overall, the name Miles carries connotations of strength, valor, and compassion, making it a popular choice for parents looking for a name that reflects these virtues.

Origin: Latin



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Overall UK ranking: 111 out of 4789

533 recorded births last year

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  • Scotland (172)

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