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Name Popularity: 75%

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The name Merlin is of Welsh origin and holds significant meaning. Derived from the Welsh word "myrddin," it is believed to have roots in the Celtic language. The name carries a sense of mysticism and magic, as Merlin is often associated with the legendary figure of Merlin the Magician from Arthurian mythology. Known for his wisdom, sorcery, and prophetic abilities, Merlin is a powerful and enigmatic character in literature and folklore.

The name Merlin is commonly interpreted to mean "sea fortress" or "sea hill," which may symbolize strength and resilience. It could also signify a connection to the natural elements, as the sea represents vastness, mystery, and depth. The name Merlin has been popularized through various works of literature, including the tales of King Arthur and the wizard's role as Arthur's mentor. It has gained a reputation for being a name of intelligence, wisdom, and magical prowess.

Overall, the name Merlin conveys a sense of ancient wisdom and a touch of the fantastical. It carries the weight of history and myth, making it a fitting choice for those seeking a powerful and mystical name for their child.

Origin: Celtic

By the sea.

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Overall UK ranking: 1184 out of 4789

23 recorded births last year

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