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Name Popularity: 28%

Mali name meaning:

The name Mali has multiple origins and meanings depending on the cultural context. In the African language Bambara, Mali means "hippopotamus," which is considered a symbol of strength and power. In this sense, the name Mali may represent a strong and formidable personality, someone who is independent and capable of taking charge.

Alternatively, Mali could also be a variation of the Hebrew name Malia, which means "bitter" or "sad." In this interpretation, the name Mali may reflect a more sensitive and introspective nature, someone who may have experienced hardship but has grown stronger as a result.

Overall, the name Mali holds associations of strength, power, and resilience. Whether derived from the African language or the Hebrew origin, the name Mali imparts a sense of uniqueness and character to the individual who bears it.

Origin: Welsh

Welsh form of Molly: bitter.

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Overall UK ranking: 3451 out of 4789

5 recorded births last year

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  • Scotland (1265)

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