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Name Popularity: 48%

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The name Lyam is a variant spelling of the name Liam, which is derived from the Irish name "Uilliam," a shortened version of the Latin name "Guillermo," meaning "with a strong will" or "resolute protector." The name Lyam carries the same meaning and characteristics as Liam.

Boys with the name Lyam are often described as tenacious, determined, and independent individuals. They possess a strong sense of self and have a natural leadership ability. Lyams are often admired for their unwavering determination and ability to overcome obstacles. They are driven individuals who set ambitious goals for themselves and work hard to achieve them.

Lyams also tend to be fiercely protective of those they care about and are willing to go to great lengths to ensure their loved ones' well-being. They are reliable and trustworthy friends who will always have your back. Overall, the name Lyam represents a strong-willed and protective individual who is determined to achieve their goals and protect their loved ones.

Origin: Irish

Form of William.

Related names

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