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Name Popularity: 59%

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The name Luqmaan is of Arabic origin and carries a deep and profound meaning. In Arabic, Luqmaan means "wisdom" or "knowledgeable." It is derived from the name of a wise figure mentioned in the Quran, who was known for his profound wisdom and intellect.

The name Luqmaan symbolizes intelligence, insight, and sagacity. It is associated with individuals who possess a deep understanding and are known for their wise decisions and advice. People named Luqmaan are often seen as knowledgeable and trusted individuals who have the ability to provide guidance and counsel to others.

Those who bear the name Luqmaan are believed to have an innate thirst for knowledge, a strong sense of intuition, and the ability to make wise choices. They are often seen as leaders and influencers in their communities, known for their ability to analyze situations and provide thoughtful solutions. The name Luqmaan is a reminder of the importance of acquiring wisdom and using it to positively impact the lives of others.

Origin: Arabic

Variant of Luqman: The Biblical Aesep is the English language equivalent. A Prophet's name.

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Overall UK ranking: 1984 out of 4789

11 recorded births last year

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