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Name Popularity: 90%

Lucian name meaning:

The name Lucian is derived from the Latin name Lucius, which means "light" or "illumination". Lucian has ancient roots and was commonly used in Roman times. It gained popularity due to the influence of early Christian saints bearing the name. The name Lucian has a strong association with brightness, clarity, and enlightenment.

People with the name Lucian are often seen as intelligent, wise, and insightful. They possess a natural curiosity and desire for knowledge, which leads them to seek out new experiences and learn from different perspectives. Lucians tend to have a bright and positive outlook on life, often radiating a sense of positivity and optimism.

The name Lucian carries a strong sense of individuality and uniqueness, as it is not as commonly used as other names. Those named Lucian often stand out for their intellectual capacity, creative thinking, and their ability to inspire and enlighten others. Overall, Lucian is a name that embodies intelligence, illumination, and the ability to bring light into the lives of those around them.

Origin: Latin

Man of light.


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Overall UK ranking: 471 out of 4789

86 recorded births last year

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  • Scotland (871)

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