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Name Popularity: 17%

Kalin name meaning:

The name Kalin is of Slavic origin and means "pure" or "clear." It is a beautiful and unique name that carries a sense of innocence and simplicity. People with the name Kalin are often seen as honest, straightforward, and kind-hearted individuals. They are known for their purity of heart and genuine intentions in their interactions with others.

Individuals named Kalin often embody qualities such as clarity of thought, moral integrity, and a strong sense of self. They are often admired for their sincerity and sincerity in their relationships and are seen as trustworthy and reliable friends. Overall, the name Kalin conveys a sense of purity and authenticity, making it a fitting choice for a girl who embodies these qualities in her character and actions.

Origin: English

Variant of Kay and Kayla: Meaning keeper of the keys, pure.

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Overall UK ranking: 3990 out of 4789

4 recorded births last year

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  • Scotland (1265)

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