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Name Popularity: 88%

Jonas name meaning:

The name Jonas is derived from the Hebrew name Yonah, meaning "dove." The dove is often associated with peace, love, and tranquility. In various cultures and religions, the dove is considered a symbol of divinity, purity, and innocence. Therefore, the name Jonas carries these connotations and is often associated with qualities such as gentleness, harmony, and compassion.

In addition to its symbolic meaning, the name Jonas also has historical and religious significance. In the Christian faith, Jonas is the Greek form of the Hebrew name Jonah, who is a prophet mentioned in the Bible. The story of Jonah revolves around his journey and his experiences inside the belly of a large fish, which is often seen as a symbol of divine intervention, redemption, and second chances.

Overall, the name Jonas embodies qualities of peace, purity, and divine intervention. It carries a sense of gentleness and compassion, making it a fitting name for individuals who strive for harmony and seek to bring tranquility into their lives and the lives of others.

Origin: Biblical

A dove; he that oppresses; destroyer.


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Overall UK ranking: 584 out of 4789

65 recorded births last year

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