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Name Popularity: 84%

Jai name meaning:

The name Jai is of Indian origin and holds significant meaning. In Sanskrit, it translates to "victory" or "winning," symbolizing the triumph over obstacles and challenges in life. As a name, Jai represents strength, determination, and perseverance.

People with the name Jai are often seen as confident individuals who possess a strong sense of self. They are natural leaders, ambitious, and driven towards achieving their goals. Jai is also associated with qualities like bravery and courage, making it a fitting name for someone who faces adversity head-on.

In addition to its meaning, Jai carries cultural and spiritual connotations in India. It is often used as a prefix to other names, such as Jai Krishna or Jai Dev, which further emphasizes the significance of victory and triumph in Hindu mythology.

Overall, the name Jai embodies the essence of success, resilience, and determination, making it a powerful choice for parents looking for a name that reflects their aspirations for their child.

Origin: English

Variant of names like Jason and Jacob.

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Overall UK ranking: 751 out of 4789

45 recorded births last year

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