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Name Popularity: 86%

Issa name meaning:

The name Issa is of Arabic origin and has multiple meanings. One of the most common meanings is "God saves" or "God is my salvation." It is a variant of the name Jesus, which holds great significance in Christianity as the name of the central figure of the religion. In Islamic tradition, Issa is also considered to be the Arabic name for Jesus, who is considered a prophet in Islam.

The name Issa is often given to boys born in Muslim families as a way to honor the prophet and to express their faith. It carries a spiritual connotation and signifies a belief in the power of God's salvation. Furthermore, the name Issa can also signify hope and inspiration, as it represents the embodiment of godly qualities and teachings associated with Jesus.

Overall, the name Issa holds deep religious and cultural significance, representing faith, salvation, and the divine teachings of Jesus in both Christianity and Islam.

Origin: Egyptian

God saves.

Related names

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Overall UK ranking: 659 out of 4789

55 recorded births last year

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