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The name Israr is of Arabic origin and is predominantly given to boys. It carries a deep and profound meaning, which is "secret" or "hidden treasure". The name Israr represents the idea of something valuable or precious that is concealed or not easily discovered. It has connotations of mystique and mystery, suggesting that there is more to a person or thing than meets the eye.

Individuals named Israr tend to possess a sense of enigma and intrigue. They may have a natural inclination towards exploring the unknown or delving into intellectual or spiritual matters. This name is often associated with individuals who are introspective, deep thinkers, and seekers of knowledge. People with the name Israr often exhibit a calm and composed demeanor, which adds to their aura of secrecy and inner strength.

Overall, the name Israr signifies a hidden beauty or wisdom that lies within an individual, waiting to be discovered. It implies that there is always more to learn or understand about the person named Israr, making it a name that carries an air of intrigue and fascination.

Origin: Arabic

Secrecy, privacy.

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