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Name Popularity: 87%

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The name Imran is of Arabic origin and carries several meanings. One of the most common interpretations is "prosperity" or "long-lived." It is derived from the Arabic root word "amara," which means "to live a long life" or "to be prosperous." This name has a positive connotation and is often given to boys in hopes of them leading a successful and fulfilling life.

Imran also holds significance in Islamic history. In the Quran, Imran is mentioned as the father of the Virgin Mary and the grandfather of Prophet Jesus (Isa). His family lineage is highly respected, and the name Imran is associated with righteousness, piety, and devotion to God.

Furthermore, Imran can be found in different cultures and countries, which may result in slight variations in meaning. Nevertheless, the name consistently carries connotations of prosperity, longevity, and a connection to faith. Imran is a name that conveys positive qualities and aspirations, making it a popular choice for parents seeking a powerful and meaningful name for their son.

Origin: Arabic

A prophet's name.

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Overall UK ranking: 641 out of 4789

57 recorded births last year

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