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The name Imaan is of Arabic origin and holds a deep spiritual significance. It is derived from the Arabic word "iman," which means "faith" or "belief" in Islam. In Islamic theology, "iman" refers to the fundamental belief in Allah (God) and all the tenets of the religion. Therefore, the name Imaan carries the beautiful meaning of "faith" or "belief."

Choosing the name Imaan for a girl reflects the desire for her to have a strong connection with her faith and to develop a deep trust in Allah. It signifies the hope that she will be guided by her beliefs and values throughout her life. The name Imaan can also serve as a reminder for the parents and loved ones to nurture and support her spiritual growth.

Having the name Imaan instills a sense of responsibility to live in accordance with her beliefs and to uphold the principles of Islam. It encourages her to be steadfast, sincere, and true to her faith. Ultimately, the name Imaan symbolizes the importance of faith in one's life and serves as a constant reminder of the need for trust and devotion to Allah.

Origin: Arabic

Variant of Iman: Faith, belief.

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