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Name Popularity: 91%

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The name Idrees is an Arabic name that has its roots in the Quran. It is derived from the name Enoch, which is mentioned in the Bible as well. Idrees is a significant and meaningful name that holds spiritual and historical connotations. In Arabic, the name Idrees means "one who instructs" or "one who teaches." It is believed to be associated with knowledge, wisdom, and guidance.

Idrees was a prophet mentioned in the Quran who was known for his wisdom and knowledge. He was chosen by God to deliver His message to the people. Idrees is also mentioned in other religious texts, such as the Book of Enoch, where he is portrayed as a pious and righteous man. The name Idrees carries the legacy of a wise and knowledgeable teacher who inspires others to seek knowledge and enlightenment.

Choosing the name Idrees for a boy symbolizes the desire for him to possess wisdom, knowledge, and enlightenment. It reflects the hope that he will grow up to be a person who guides and teaches others. This name carries a deep spiritual and historical significance, making it a meaningful choice for parents who value these qualities.

Origin: Arabic

Variant of Idris: A prophet's name.

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Overall UK ranking: 450 out of 4789

92 recorded births last year

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