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Name Popularity: 43%

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The name Hatim is of Arabic origin and carries deep cultural significance. It is most commonly used as a boy's name and has various meanings attached to it. One interpretation of the name Hatim is "generous" or "one who gives abundantly." This meaning reflects the virtue of benevolence and kindness, highlighting the individual's propensity to selflessly share with others.

Another interpretation of the name Hatim is "judge" or "decider." This meaning emphasizes the person's ability to make fair judgments and decisions, implying a sense of wisdom and justice. It suggests that individuals named Hatim possess a strong sense of integrity and have the capacity to analyze situations objectively.

Overall, the name Hatim carries positive connotations, highlighting qualities of generosity, fairness, and wisdom. It is a name that bestows noble virtues upon the individual and represents a sense of selflessness and righteousness, making it a remarkable choice for parents seeking to convey these values through their child's name.

Origin: Arabic

Judge, inevitable, unavoidable.

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Overall UK ranking: 2730 out of 4789

7 recorded births last year

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