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Name Popularity: 98%

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The name Harley is of Old English origin and has several meanings. It can be derived from the Old English words "har" meaning "hare" and "leah" meaning "wood" or "clearing," which translates to "hare meadow" or "clearing with hares." This interpretation suggests a connection to nature and possibly symbolizes swiftness or agility, as hares are known for their speed.

Harley can also be a variant of the name Harlow, which comes from the Old English words "hoer" meaning "rock" and "hlaw" meaning "hill." This meaning evokes a sense of strength, stability, and endurance. Additionally, Harley can be associated with the motorcycle brand, Harley-Davidson, which signifies a sense of freedom, adventure, and rebellion.

Ultimately, the meaning of the name Harley can be interpreted in various ways, including nature-inspired, with a focus on agility or speed, representing strength and endurance, or even embodying the spirit of freedom and adventure.

Origin: English

Meadow of the hare.


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Overall UK ranking: 115 out of 4789

501 recorded births last year

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