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Name Popularity: 86%

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The name Giovanni is of Italian origin and has a rich historical background. It is a masculine name derived from the Latin name "Iohannes," which is the Latin form of the Greek name "Ioannes." The name Giovanni is closely associated with the biblical figure of John the Baptist, who is considered a significant figure in Christianity. In Italian culture, the name Giovanni carries a sense of strength, power, and leadership.

Giovanni is a popular name across various Italian-speaking regions and is often used as a given name to honor a family member or as a way to show reverence to Saint John. The name is also associated with qualities such as intelligence, determination, and a strong sense of identity. People with the name Giovanni are often seen as hardworking, independent, and confident individuals who strive for success in their endeavors. Overall, the name Giovanni conveys a sense of tradition, religious significance, and a strong character.

Origin: Hebrew

Gift from God.

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Overall UK ranking: 659 out of 4789

55 recorded births last year

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