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The name Garrison is of English origin and means "spear-fortress" or "son of Garret". It is typically used as a surname but has also been used as a given name over the years. The name brings to mind strength, protection, and a sense of security. A garrison is a fortified military post or stronghold, often used to defend against enemy attacks. Therefore, the name Garrison can be seen as symbolizing resilience, courage, and a strong defense against threats.

In a modern context, the name Garrison may be given to a boy with the hope that he will embody these qualities. It could also be a nod to a family's military history or a desire for the child to be a protector or defender in their own right. Overall, the name Garrison carries with it a sense of strength and fortitude, making it a fitting choice for parents who want their son to be a resilient and protective individual.

Origin: Hebrew

Column of conquest.



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