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The name Fletcher is of English origin and derived from the occupational surname given to a person who made arrows, specifically a bow maker. The term "fletcher" itself comes from the Old French word "flechier," which means "arrow maker." In medieval times, the fletcher played a vital role in supplying the military and hunters with arrows, an important weapon of the time. As such, the name Fletcher carries connotations of skill, craftsmanship, and precision.

Naming a boy Fletcher can signify a connection to tradition, craftsmanship, and strength. It embodies qualities such as precision, attention to detail, and a deep understanding of the importance of one's work. The name may also evoke imagery of archery and the ability to hit the target, metaphorically representing determination and focus. In a modern context, the name Fletcher can be seen as a reminder of the importance of mastering one's craft and the satisfaction that comes from excelling in a particular field. Overall, the name Fletcher carries a sense of heritage, skill, and dedication.

Origin: French

Arrow maker.



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135 recorded births last year

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