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Name Popularity: 63%

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The name Enrico is of Italian origin and is derived from the Germanic name Heinrich, which means "ruler of the home" or "ruler of the household." It is a masculine name typically given to boys. Enrico is a variant of the name Henry and has been used in Italy for centuries.

People named Enrico are often seen as strong, confident, and natural leaders. They tend to be ambitious and have a desire to achieve success in all aspects of their life. Enricos are known for their determination and drive, as well as their ability to take charge and make decisions. They are often seen as responsible and reliable individuals who can be relied upon to get things done.

In addition to its meaning, Enrico also carries a sense of cultural heritage and history as an Italian name. It reflects the rich Italian traditions and values, and those named Enrico may feel a strong connection to their Italian roots. Overall, the name Enrico embodies qualities of leadership, strength, and ambition, making it a powerful choice for any boy.

Origin: Spanish

Form of Henry. Ruler of the home.

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