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Name Popularity: 87%

Emrys name meaning:

The name Emrys is derived from the Welsh name "Emyr", which means "immortal" or "immortal one". It is often associated with the legendary figure of Merlin, who is known for his magical abilities and wisdom. In Welsh mythology, Merlin was a powerful sorcerer and advisor to King Arthur, playing a significant role in the Arthurian legends.

Choosing the name Emrys for a boy may convey a sense of strength, wisdom, and mystique. It carries a historical and mythical significance, evoking images of a legendary figure with extraordinary powers. The name may also reflect the desire for the child to possess qualities of wisdom, intuition, and the ability to navigate complex situations with grace. Emrys is a distinctive and unique name choice that showcases a connection to Welsh heritage and mythology, making it an appealing option for parents looking for a name with depth and character.

Origin: Celtic

Celtic form of ambrose.

Related names

Ambrose , Ambruslne, Emrys , Eniryt

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Overall UK ranking: 632 out of 4789

58 recorded births last year

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  • Scotland (871)

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