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Name Popularity: 85%

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The name Elyas is of Hebrew origin and is derived from the name Elijah, which means "My God is Yahweh" or "Yahweh is God." Yahweh is the personal name of God in the Hebrew Bible, and Elyas is a variant spelling of the name. The name Elyas carries significant religious and cultural connotations.

In various religious texts, Elijah is portrayed as a prophet and a powerful figure who performed miracles by the will of God. He is revered as a symbol of faith, strength, and devotion to God. The name Elyas has been used for centuries and holds a sense of spiritual importance for those who bear it.

Names often hold cultural significance and can reflect the values and beliefs of a community or family. With its strong religious connections, the name Elyas signifies a deep-rooted faith in God and may inspire those who bear it to live a life of purpose and devotion.

Origin: Arabic

Variant of Ilyas: The Biblical Elijah is the English language equivalent.

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Overall UK ranking: 729 out of 4789

47 recorded births last year

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