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Name Popularity: 79%

Eben name meaning:

The name Eben is a variant of the biblical name "Ebenezer," which is of Hebrew origin. It is derived from the combination of two Hebrew words: "êben" meaning "stone" and "êzer" meaning "help." Therefore, Eben carries the meaning of "stone of help" or "stone that aids."

The name Eben has a strong and solid connotation due to its association with the word "stone." The use of stones in ancient times was often symbolized as a source of protection, stability, and support. As a name, Eben embodies these qualities, suggesting a person who is dependable, reliable, and helpful to others. Individuals named Eben are believed to possess a strong sense of responsibility and a desire to assist those in need.

Overall, the name Eben is imbued with a sense of strength and reliability, reflecting the character traits associated with the symbolic meaning of "stone of help." It is a name that suggests a person with a solid foundation and the ability to provide support and assistance when it is needed.

Origin: Hebrew


Related names

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Overall UK ranking: 985 out of 4789

30 recorded births last year

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