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The name Davie is a boy's name that is generally considered to be a diminutive or pet form of the name David. Originating from Hebrew, the name David means "beloved" or "dear," which imparts a warm and affectionate quality to its diminutive form, Davie. This makes the name Davie carry connotations of endearment and closeness, embodying a sense of cherished affection and familiarity.

In many English-speaking countries, diminutive forms of names are often used to convey intimacy or informality, and Davie fits this pattern. It retains the strong biblical heritage and profound significance of its root name, David, while adding a touch of playfulness and approachability. Over time, Davie has evolved into a stand-alone name, appreciated for its simplicity and charm. It's a name that suggests a friendly, open-hearted individual, possibly with a deep sense of connection to family and tradition.

Origin: Hebrew

Diminutive of David: Cherished, beloved.

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