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Name Popularity: 56%

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The name Davide is a variant of the name David, which has Hebrew origins. In Hebrew, David means "beloved" or "dear." It is derived from the Hebrew word "dod," which means "beloved." David is a significant biblical name, as it is the name of the second king of Israel, renowned for his wisdom, bravery, and musical talents. The name has remained popular throughout history and is widely used across different cultures and religions.

Parents who choose the name Davide for their son are often drawn to its strong and timeless qualities, as well as its biblical associations. The name carries a sense of endearment and warmth, symbolizing a cherished and loved individual. Davide is a name that exudes confidence and charisma, making it well-suited for a boy who is expected to grow into a strong and influential person.

Origin: Italian

Italian form of David. Beloved.

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