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Name Popularity: 84%

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The name Cosmo is of Greek origin and holds multiple meanings. It is derived from the Greek word "kosmos," which means "order" or "world." In Greek mythology, Cosmo is associated with the Greek god Kosmos, who personifies the harmony and order of the universe. Therefore, the name Cosmo can symbolize someone who values balance, organization, and structure in their life.

Additionally, Cosmo can also be seen as a short form of "Cosmos," which represents the entire universe. This interpretation suggests that individuals named Cosmo may have a deep connection to the vastness and mysteries of the cosmos. They might possess an innate curiosity about the world and a desire to explore and understand its wonders.

Overall, the name Cosmo reflects qualities of order, harmony, and a connection to the universe. It carries an aura of intellectual curiosity and a sense of appreciation for the balance and beauty found in life.

Origin: Greek

The universe.

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Overall UK ranking: 751 out of 4789

45 recorded births last year

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