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Name Popularity: 82%

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The name Cory is derived from the Irish name Corraigh, meaning "from the hollow." It is a unisex name, but is more commonly associated with boys. The name Cory has Celtic origins and is often given to boys with Irish or Scottish heritage. It has variations such as Corey or Kory.

People with the name Cory are typically known for their strong and confident personalities. They are often seen as adventurous, independent, and ambitious individuals. They have a natural charisma and can easily charm those around them. Corys are usually determined and focused, striving to achieve their goals. They possess good leadership skills and are often successful in their endeavors.

In addition to its Celtic origin, the name Cory is also associated with Greek mythology. It is believed to be derived from the Greek name Kore, which means "maiden" or "daughter." In Greek mythology, Kore was the daughter of Demeter and the goddess of springtime and fertility. This adds a feminine touch to the name Cory, making it a unique and diverse name option for boys.

Origin: Celtic



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Overall UK ranking: 841 out of 4789

37 recorded births last year

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