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Name Popularity: 48%

Conner name meaning:

The name Conner is derived from the Irish surname O'Connor, which means "descendant of Conchobhar." Conchobhar is an old Irish name that is believed to come from the Gaelic words "con" meaning "hound" and "cobhair" meaning "help or assistance." Hence, the name Conner can be interpreted to mean "lover of hounds" or "helper of others."

People named Conner are often associated with traits such as loyalty, reliability, and a strong sense of justice. They have a natural inclination to assist those in need and are often seen as dependable and trustworthy individuals. Conner is a name that embodies qualities of support and compassion, making it suitable for individuals who are caring and selfless.

Overall, the name Conner carries a positive connotation and represents a person who is dedicated to helping others and values loyalty in relationships. It is a name that holds a deep-rooted Irish heritage and signifies the importance of being a supportive and dependable companion.

Origin: Irish

Hound lover. Variant of Connor: Full of much desire.

Related names

Connor , Conchobara, Conchobarra, Conchobarre, Conner , Conor

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Overall UK ranking: 2493 out of 4789

8 recorded births last year

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