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Name Popularity: 74%

Colt name meaning:

The name "Colt" is derived from Old English and refers to a young male horse, specifically a colt. It has also been associated with gun manufacturer Samuel Colt, who popularized the Colt revolver in the 19th century. As a name for a boy, Colt carries connotations of strength, power, and speed, reflecting the attributes often associated with horses. It can also symbolize freedom and independence, reminiscent of the untamed spirit of a wild horse.

The name Colt can also be seen as a nod to American history and the pioneering spirit of the Wild West. It evokes images of cowboys and the wide-open landscapes of the frontier. Additionally, Colt can be used metaphorically to represent determination, resilience, and a fighting spirit. Overall, the name Colt embodies characteristics that are often appreciated in boys: vigor, energy, and a sense of adventure.

Origin: English

From the dark town. Diminutive of Colston: Unknown owner of property.

Related names

Colston , Collton, Colt

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Overall UK ranking: 1250 out of 4789

21 recorded births last year

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  • Scotland (477)

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