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Name Popularity: 93%

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The name Colby is of English origin and holds several potential meanings. One interpretation suggests that it derives from the Old Norse word "kol," meaning "coal," and the Old English word "by," meaning "farm" or "settlement." Therefore, the combination "Colby" can be seen as representing a settlement near a coal mine or a place associated with coal. This etymology reflects an occupation or geographic origin.

Colby can also be considered a variant of the name Cole, which is derived from the Old English word "col," meaning "charcoal" or "black." In this sense, the name Colby can signify someone with dark or coal-black hair.

Overall, the name Colby carries connotations of strength, resourcefulness, and possibly a connection to the coal industry. It is a distinct and meaningful name that has gained popularity as a given name for boys in recent years.

Origin: English

Coal town.


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Overall UK ranking: 333 out of 4789

136 recorded births last year

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  • Scotland (297)

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