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Name Popularity: 86%

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The name Clayton is of English origin and has a few potential meanings. One interpretation suggests that it is derived from the Old English word "clǣg," meaning "clay" or "mud," combined with the word "tūn," meaning "settlement" or "enclosure." This gives the name the meaning of "settlement near the clay or mud." Another possible meaning is associated with the surname Clayton, which originated from various places in England called Clayton. In this context, Clayton is believed to derive from the Old English personal name "Clæg" or "Clǣg" and the word "tūn," meaning "settlement." Therefore, Clayton could also be interpreted as "the settlement of Clæg" or "Clæg's town."

The name Clayton carries a sense of strength and stability, evoking images of a person who is grounded and connected to the earth. It also reflects a sense of heritage and history, tying the individual to a specific place or lineage. People with the name Clayton are often seen as trustworthy and dependable, with a strong work ethic and a practical mindset. They tend to be down-to-earth and reliable, making them excellent team players and leaders. Overall, the name Clayton brings connotations of solidity, authenticity, and a deep connection to one's roots.

Origin: English

From the clay town.

Related names

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Overall UK ranking: 672 out of 4789

54 recorded births last year

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