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Name Popularity: 94%

Cillian name meaning:

The name Cillian is of Irish origin and has deep roots in Gaelic history. It is a masculine name that holds significant meaning and carries a sense of strength and valor. Cillian is derived from the Gaelic name "CillĂ­n," which translates to "little church" or "warrior" in English.

Cillian is associated with the virtues of bravery, courage, and determination. It is a name often given to boys with a strong and ambitious nature, symbolizing their potential to overcome challenges and achieve greatness. The name also holds religious connotations, representing the connection between spirituality and strength.

In Irish folklore, Cillian is believed to be the name of a powerful warrior who fought against adversity and protected his people. This legend adds a mythical and heroic aura to the name, further enhancing its significance. Overall, the name Cillian embodies a sense of resilience, a warrior spirit, and a deep-rooted connection to Irish heritage.

Origin: Irish

Variant of Ceallach: War, strife.

Related names

Ceallach , Ceallachan, Cillan, Cillian , Keallach

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Overall UK ranking: 274 out of 4789

168 recorded births last year

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