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Name Popularity: 94%

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The name Cassius is of Latin origin and has several possible meanings. One interpretation is that it is derived from the Roman family name Cassius, which is believed to come from the Latin word "cassus," meaning "empty" or "vain." Another possible meaning is that it is derived from the Latin word "cassus," which also means "hollow" or "void." This interpretation may suggest a sense of depth and mystery to the name Cassius.

Cassius is also famously known as the name of a historical figure, Gaius Cassius Longinus, who was a Roman senator and one of the main conspirators involved in the assassination of Julius Caesar. This association may add a sense of intrigue and power to the name. Regardless of its meaning, Cassius is a strong and distinctive name that carries historical weight and cultural significance.

Origin: Latin


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Overall UK ranking: 278 out of 4789

167 recorded births last year

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