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Name Popularity: 96%

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The name Casper is derived from the Persian name "Gaspar" or "Gathaspa," which means "treasurer" or "keeper of the treasure." It is also associated with the Three Wise Men or Magi who presented gifts to baby Jesus in the biblical story of Christmas. Casper is considered a variant of the name Gaspar and has gained popularity as an independent given name over time.

The name Casper exudes a sense of mystery and prestige due to its association with treasure and the biblical narrative. It carries a certain regality and importance, reflecting the significance of the Three Wise Men and their valuable offerings. The name Casper is often chosen for boys due to its historical and cultural background, as well as its unique and memorable sound.

Casper is a name that holds both a sense of intrigue and a touch of the divine. It conjures images of hidden riches and wisdom, making it an intriguing choice for parents seeking a name with depth and meaning for their son.

Origin: Persian



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Overall UK ranking: 210 out of 4789

251 recorded births last year

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