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Name Popularity: 67%

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The name Burhan is of Arabic origin and has multiple meanings. One interpretation of the name is "proof" or "evidence" in the Arabic language. It is derived from the word "burhan" which refers to a logical or convincing argument that supports a claim or statement. In Islamic tradition, the term burhan is used to describe the Quran as the ultimate evidence of God's existence and guidance.

Furthermore, Burhan is also associated with the concept of enlightenment or illumination. It can be seen as a representation of knowledge, wisdom, and clarity. The name Burhan carries a sense of intellectual prowess and the ability to discern truth from falsehood. It symbolizes a person who possesses deep insight, analytical thinking, and strong logical reasoning skills.

Overall, the name Burhan conveys a sense of intellectual depth, evidence-based thinking, and enlightened understanding. It reflects qualities such as intelligence, wisdom, and the ability to bring forth compelling arguments or evidence to support one's beliefs or positions.

Origin: Arabic

Proof, evidence.

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Overall UK ranking: 1595 out of 4789

15 recorded births last year

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