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Name Popularity: 92%

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The name "Bear" carries a strong and powerful meaning. It is derived from the English word for the large, carnivorous mammal known for its strength and resilience. As a name for a boy, "Bear" symbolizes qualities such as bravery, protection, and a strong presence. It evokes an image of a fearless and mighty creature that commands respect and admiration.

Choosing the name "Bear" for a boy may suggest a desire to instill in him characteristics associated with this incredible animal. It could be an expression of the parents' hope for their son to grow up to be courageous, protective, and grounded. The name also carries a sense of wildness and adventure, indicating a free-spirited nature or a connection with nature and the wilderness.

Additionally, the name "Bear" may be chosen for its association with the natural world and its connection to Native American culture. In many indigenous traditions, bears are considered sacred animals and are revered for their strength and wisdom. Thus, naming a boy "Bear" could be a way of honoring these cultural beliefs and acknowledging the significance of nature and its inhabitants.


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Overall UK ranking: 398 out of 4789

108 recorded births last year

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