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The name Balfour is of Scottish origin, deriving from a place name in Scotland. It has a rich and aristocratic lineage, signifying its deep roots in Scottish heritage. The meaning of Balfour is typically associated with "pasture" or "grazing land," as it breaks down into two parts in Gaelic: "bal" meaning "pasture" or "village" and "four," possibly derived from "fuar" meaning "cold." Thus, the name could be interpreted as referring to a cold pasture or village, highlighting a connection to the rugged and pastoral landscapes of Scotland.

As a boy's name, Balfour carries with it a sense of strength and historical significance. It evokes images of the Scottish countryside, suggesting a nature of resilience and endurance. The name is relatively uncommon, which may appeal to parents seeking a distinctive name with a noble flair and a connection to Scottish heritage and the natural world. Over the years, Balfour has been a surname borne by notable figures and has transitioned into a unique first name choice for boys, embodying a blend of natural beauty and ancestral strength.

Origin: Gaelic

From the grazing land.

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Balfour , Balfor, Balfore

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