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The name Badr is of Arabic origin and holds significant cultural and historical meaning. In Arabic, Badr means "full moon" or "bright and shining." It is also associated with the city of Medina, particularly with the Battle of Badr, a pivotal event in Islamic history. This battle occurred in the year 624 CE, during which the Prophet Muhammad and his followers achieved a decisive victory against their enemies.

The name Badr is often given to boys as it symbolizes strength, light, and brilliance. It carries connotations of leadership, guidance, and resilience. The association with the Battle of Badr further adds a sense of valor and triumph to the name. Parents who choose the name Badr for their son may be drawn to its strong and positive attributes, hoping to instill qualities of leadership, perseverance, and wisdom in their child.

In summary, the name Badr holds cultural and historical significance in the Arabic-speaking world. It means "full moon" or "bright and shining," symbolizing strength, guidance, and resilience. The name is associated with the Battle of Badr, a seminal event in Islamic history, which further adds a sense of valor and triumph to its meaning.

Origin: Arabic

Variant of Badar: Full moon.

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