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Name Popularity: 28%

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The name Atif is of Arabic origin and has several meanings. One possible meaning of the name Atif is "compassionate" or "kindhearted." People with this name are believed to possess a gentle and caring nature, often showing empathy towards others and offering support and assistance when needed. Atif is also associated with the qualities of being generous, considerate, and understanding.

Another possible meaning of the name Atif is "sympathetic" or "tender-hearted." It suggests that individuals with this name have a deep capacity to understand and share the feelings of others, often displaying a great deal of sensitivity and emotional intelligence. They are known for being good listeners and providing comfort and solace during challenging times.

Overall, the name Atif conveys a sense of compassion, kindness, and empathy. It is a name that reflects a person who is loving, caring, and supportive towards others, making them a valuable presence in both personal and professional relationships.

Origin: Arabic


Related names

Atif , Ateefa

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Overall UK ranking: 3451 out of 4789

5 recorded births last year

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