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The name "Angel" is derived from the Greek word "angelos" which means "messenger" or "messenger of God." It is primarily used as a name for boys in Spanish-speaking cultures. The name Angel has several significant meanings attached to it. Firstly, it can be associated with spirituality and divine intervention, as angels are traditionally seen as celestial beings who act as messengers between God and humans. Therefore, naming a boy Angel can signify the hope for him to possess angelic qualities such as being a protector, messenger, or a guiding light in the lives of others.

Additionally, the name Angel can also symbolize purity, innocence, and goodness. It represents the idea of a person who is kind-hearted, gentle, and compassionate. The name can also carry connotations of beauty and grace. Choosing the name Angel for a boy may suggest the desire for him to embody these positive qualities and to bring joy and peace to those around him.

Overall, the name Angel for a boy holds deep spiritual and symbolic meanings. It represents the hope for him to possess angelic qualities, serve as a bridge between the divine and the earthly, and bring goodness and beauty into the world.

Origin: Greek



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