Andrei - boys name

Andrei name popularity, meaning and origin

Name Popularity: 92%

Andrei name meaning:

Origin: English

Variant of Andrew: Brave, Manly.

Related names

Andrew , Aindrea, Ander, Andera, Andnej, Andonis , Andor, Andranetta, Andre', Andreanna, Andreas , Andrei , Andrena, Andreya, Andria, Andrian , Andriana , Andrianna, Andrianne, Andric, Andriel, Andrienne, Andrina, Andrusha, Andrya, Antti, Aundre, Aundrea, Jedrick, Kendrew

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Overall UK ranking: 347 out of 4608

129 recorded births last year

Change in rank

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Historical popularity of Andrei

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