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Name Popularity: 93%

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The name Aleksander is of Greek origin and is a variation of the name Alexander. It has become popular in many cultures around the world. The name Aleksander carries a powerful and regal meaning, as it is derived from the Greek word "alexandros," which means "defender of men" or "protector of mankind."

Those with the name Aleksander are often seen as strong and brave individuals, known for their leadership qualities and protective nature. They are natural-born leaders who possess the ability to take charge and protect those in their care. Aleksanders are known to be reliable, trustworthy, and dependable, making them excellent friends and partners.

Furthermore, Aleksanders tend to have a natural curiosity and thirst for knowledge, as well as a great sense of adventure. They are often adventurous and exploratory individuals, always seeking new experiences and challenges. Overall, the name Aleksander represents a person who is strong, protective, and brave, with a natural inclination towards leadership and a passion for exploration.

Origin: Greek

Variant of Alexander: Defender; protector of mankind. Famous Bearer: Alexander the Great.

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