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Name Popularity: 61%

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The name Adi is of Hebrew origin and has multiple meanings depending on the cultural context. In Hebrew, it is often used as a short form of the name Adiel, which means "ornament of God" or "God's jewel." In Hinduism, Adi is a Sanskrit name that means "the first" or "the beginning." It is commonly used as a prefix in many Indian names, indicating primacy or importance.

The name Adi carries a sense of significance and importance, symbolizing being at the forefront or the beginning of something. It conveys a sense of strength, beauty, and divine connection. Boys named Adi often exude confidence and have a natural charisma. They tend to be leaders and pioneers, embracing challenges and taking initiative. With its rich cultural heritage and powerful meanings, the name Adi bestows upon its bearer a sense of purpose and uniqueness.

Origin: Indian

A form of Vasishtha.

Related names

Vasishtha , Adi

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Overall UK ranking: 1860 out of 4789

12 recorded births last year

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