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Name Popularity: 80%

Aden name meaning:

The name Aden is of Arabic origin and has multiple meanings. One interpretation is that it is derived from the Arabic word "Adein," which means "handsome" or "attractive." In this context, the name reflects a positive attribute and is often given to boys with the hope that they will grow up to be charming and good-looking individuals.

Another interpretation of the name Aden is that it is associated with the city of Aden in Yemen. Aden is a historic port city known for its strategic location and vibrant trade routes. Naming a boy Aden could be a way to pay homage to this city and its rich cultural heritage.

Overall, the name Aden carries connotations of attractiveness and charm, and it can also represent a connection to the historic city of Aden. It is an appealing name choice for parents who desire a name that reflects positive qualities and has a touch of cultural significance.

Origin: Hebrew

Variant of Adin: Attractive, handsome, pleasure given. Adin was a biblical exile who returned to Israel from Babylon.

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Overall UK ranking: 963 out of 4789

31 recorded births last year

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