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The name Abdul is of Arabic origin and has a significant meaning in Islamic culture. It is derived from the Arabic word "abd," which means "servant" or "slave." When used as a name, Abdul carries the meaning of "servant of" or "slave of," followed by one of the 99 names of Allah, such as Abdul Rahman (servant of the Most Gracious) or Abdul Malik (servant of the Sovereign).

The name Abdul holds great religious and spiritual significance, as it highlights the individual's humility and devotion towards Allah. It reflects the belief in surrendering oneself to a higher power and living a life dedicated to serving and obeying God's commands. Naming a child Abdul is seen as a way of showing reverence and acknowledging one's servitude to Allah.

Parents who choose the name Abdul for their son often do so as a reflection of their faith and desire to instill in their child the virtues of humility, piety, and devotion. The name Abdul serves as a constant reminder to the individual of their purpose in life and their commitment to serving God.

Origin: Arabic

Servant of God.

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